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Over the years, We [ Amora Scarlett ] receives plenty of these questions – maybe overall thousands of emails and instagram message enquiries on the type of sunglasses for different face shapes.Truth be told, different eyewear [Sunglasses] shapes and colours definitely helps to define a more beautiful face shape -Well, at least visually – They are few reasons why everyone needs a sunglasses. Well, Firstly to protect your eyes from the sun, second- its fashionable and adds that ‘celebrity’ look to your #OOTD & I will have to 100% agree, it makes your face shape look ‘skinnier & sharper’ when you are wearing the correct eyewear shape. After seeings hundreds of eyewear designs, selling several -ten-of-thousands of them, here we are to give you a summary on the best eyewear styles for your face shape:


1. The Round Face Shape

Round Face Type Sunglasses

One of the most common face shapes. An overall rounder face shape. To visually ‘beautify’ your face-shape we would recommend medium – larger lens. Aviator style lens, or a square shaped lens. So please, say no to small sized lens ‘skinny cat eye’ or rounded lens.

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2.The Oval Face Shape

The most perfect face shape. If you have this face shape, you are technically safe to wear any styles of eyewear. Including the ‘super-cray-fashionable’ ones. Well,I would go for crazier styles with bright colours if I had this perfect face shape!

Amora Scarlett's Recommendations

3.The Triangle Face Shape

A very beautiful face-shape. Wider forehead and a smaller chin. You’ll need an eyewear to balance up your forehead to chin porpotion.Choose a Slightly wider upper part of the eyewear, slightly wider than your forehead.

Amora Scarlett's Recommendations

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